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My Cause UK offers festival organisers a truly ethical way of staffing events.

As a not-for-profit organisation we provide exceptional quality staffing, whilst making an impact for causes our volunteers are passionate about.

We’ve delivered over a 1000 #HiVisHeroes to the biggest festivals whilst raising over £50K for charity!

Learn why festivals love working with us by watching the video below.

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Why choose us?

We offer an ethical & sustainable alternative to existing staffng providers by channeling our fees to the charities our volunteers nominate. The result? Your festival is helping a range of charities, and the staff at your event are more engaged as they know their time is making a real difference to a cause they care about.

What do we provide?

Our team are experts at delivering bespoke staffing solutions for your festival. My Cause UK can deliver any of your frontline staffing needs; from gates to campsites, eco-bonds to car-parks, and anything in-between. Our experienced teams have got you covered.

What's in it for you?

We donate a % off your fee to local and national charities – which is a fantastic news story for your festival. This approach has also led to astonishingly low drop-out rates among our on-site teams because your staff are highly engaged with the cause they are supporting whilst working at your festival.

“My Cause UK have provided our gate staff for the past 3 years. We know that whenever they’re there, we are in safe hands. We also love the fact that they donate so much to so many charities. It’s a win - win for everyone involved.”
- Chris Rutherford, Director, Boomtown Fair
"Rob and the My Cause team have always been fantastic to work with throughout the planning and on-site delivery of our events. They are extremely well organised, professional and always go the extra mile to get the job done"
- Penny Warner, Ops Manager, Love Saves The Day

Ethical & Sustainable

The friendliest team you will ever work with! Our pink Hi-Vis heroes will make a lasting impression on your customers. My Cause UK delivers a community engagement programme that is focused around your festival, on top of this – your staffing budget becomes a charitable donation & our inclusive recruitment programme leads to a diverse and experienced team from all walks of life.

Great Press Story

Our volunteers love to share their stories about the causes they support & their love for your festival. The My Cause UK team generates and shares content, case studies, video clips and blogs to shout about your charitable support. And to top it off  – you gain access to a lively and active social media community that love festivals and support amazing causes across the UK.

Partner with My Cause UK and make a significant impact in the way you deliver your festival.

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Learn more about how working with My Cause UK means you will have a significant impact for a number of charities your volunteers care about.


My Cause UK offers you a chance to become a festival volunteer at the UK’s biggest events, while making an impact for a charity and cause you care about!

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