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Are you running a festival or large event?

At My Cause UK we provide festival and event organisers a truly ethical way of staffing their events by recruiting charity supporters from every walk of life to volunteer at your event in support of any charity they like! Whether its gate management, stewarding teams big or small, campsite management or bar staffing we provide an ethical and sustainable alternative to existing staffing providers by channeling our fees directly to the charities that our volunteers nominate. The result? Your budget helps a range of charities, and the staff at your event are more engaged as they know their time is making a real difference to a cause they care about.

With over a decade of volunteer management experience our team are experts in creating bespoke staffing solutions for festivals and events. Recruiting both from our own database as well as through partnerships with local and national charities we are able to provide fully managed operations for any event, big or small! Existing clients include Boomtown Fair, Love Saves The Day, and Port Elliot Festival. We also provide a range of event staffing services, including expert consultation and operational support for existing volunteer programmes, steward training, and have a team of experienced site and operational staffing consultants available to meet any event requirement.

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'Rob and the My Cause Team have always been fantastic to work with throughout the planning and on-site delivery of our events. They are extremely well organised, professional and always go the extra mile to get the job done.'

- Penny Warner, Ops Manager, Love Saves The Day

My Cause UK lets us support so many charities, and their volunteers are fantastic!

- Chris Rutherford, Director, Boomtown Fair

How does it work?

We are an organisation formed to help provide a platform for all charities to raise money at festivals across the UK. We build relationships with charities, recruit their supporters to volunteer with us, train and support them on site giving you a high quality service and then we donate the fee we charge you to their chosen charity.

We have a wide range of expertise and can help you fill almost any staffing need. Our team have managed gates, campsites, car parks, program sales, cloakrooms and even bars!

We've raised over £15,000 working with more than 170 charities including:

At these festivals & many more:


When you choose to staff your event with My Cause UK volunteers, your budget will be working hard to fund a huge range of good causes and charities. Working with you, we can specifically recruit form organisations local to your event site, causes important to you and even work with your existing charity partners to help them raise funds with no extra work for you!

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Our volunteers are some of the best in the festival world! We have exceptionally high retention and return rates meaning you get an experienced team on the ground, and because they are volunteering for a cause they have a personal connection with they are super reliable!

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