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Volunteer at the UK’s biggest festivals for free!

How does it work?

My Cause UK offers you a chance to become a festival volunteer at the UK’s biggest events, while making an impact for a charity and cause you care about! It’s simple – You donate your time, and in return we make a cash donation to any charity you choose on your behalf.

You don’t need to raise any money or make a donation yourself. You simply pay a deposit for an event, complete your shifts, and get your deposit back after the event is over! We then make a donation based on a fee we receive from the event organisers.

Why volunteer?

Volunteering is a gateway to making unforgettable friends while getting free entry to world class events, often saving up to £280 on ticket fees! Volunteering with My Cause UK means you become part of a community that is exciting, adventurous and passionate about making a change in the world we live in. To top it off, you do this for free while gaining experience working in the music and events industry, which also looks incredible on your CV!

What will I be doing?

The role you take on depends on the needs of the festival. This can include: stewarding stages, campsites and car parks, running festival eco-bonds, staffing gates, checking tickets and wrist-banding. Other roles could involve volunteering on a bar, merchandising stall or even just ensuring that people are happy and having a great time! Make sure you check the festival you’re interested in to see the specific role you’ll be doing.

How is it free?

To volunteer with My Cause you will pay a deposit to act as a guarantee against your ticket. This deposit is returned to you once you have completed your shifts! If you’re volunteering at multiple events you won’t need to pay multiple deposits either. One deposit can be used to secure your space at all of the My Cause UK festivals.

Who donates to my chosen charity?

We do! In exchange for your time at the festival we make a cash donation to any charity of your choice. This donation doesn’t come out of your pocket, or your deposit. It comes from a fee we receive from the festival you’re volunteering at. So far we’ve raised £150,000 for charities our volunteers have chosen! All you need to do is complete an application form and tell us which charity you would like to support.

How many shifts will I need to work?

My Cause volunteers must be aged 18 or over by the first day of their chosen event and will be asked to volunteer for a maximum of 3 x 8 hour shifts spread across the event period (typically between Wednesday – Monday for a weekend festival). Shifts for day events will vary depending on the nature of the event, but all of our shifts are arranged to allow you as much time as possible to enjoy the festival.

What's in it for me?

Why buy a festival ticket, when you get in for free? Join our community and you’ll be part of our volunteering revolution! All of our positions will get you a crew wristband that allows you to enjoy the event when you are not working. This includes free tea and coffee, snacks and around the clock support from our awesome team of volunteer managers. For weekend camping events you will also get perks like a free meal ticket for each shift worked, access to a dedicated crew camping area with hot showers, phone charging points and lots more!

Can I volunteer with friends?

Yes! You can volunteer as a group but must make sure you add the full names of your friends on your application, exactly as they have spelt their name on their application. We can’t guarantee that your roles will be in the same location, but we will try our best to ensure that you will be working at the same times so you can enjoy your time off together.

"I felt so welcome and part of an amazing community when I worked with My Cause UK. I made some incredible friends over the summer, and I learnt so much about event production. I cannot wait for this year's festival season"
- Alison Allwaters, My Cause UK Festival Volunteer


Learn more about how giving your time volunteering has an impact for a charity & cause you care about!


My Cause UK offers you a chance to become a festival volunteer at the UK’s biggest festivals, while making an impact for a charity and cause you care about!

"My Cause UK not only gives our amazing supporters a chance to volunteer whilst outside enjoying nature but provides a fantastic opportunity to raise funds by attending some of the UK’s biggest festivals!"
- Community & Events Team, WWF
"Volunteering through My Cause UK is a fantastic way for our supporters to experience the UK’s biggest music festivals for free whilst continuing to make a positive impact to our work!"
- Community & Events Team, Plan International

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