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Waging Peace

Waging Peace is an NGO that campaigns against human rights abuses in Sudan and supports Sudanese refugees to build meaningful lives in the UK. Sudan is the site of protracted conflict – the genocide in Darfur has now lasted 15 years. In the Nuba Mountains, bombing campaigns targeting civilians have forced them to live in caves to survive. As a result as many as 3,000 Sudanese seek British protection every year, making the country one of the top five sources for asylum applications. Sudanese  formed up to 47% of Calais camp before its demolishment.

Yet while conflicts in Sudan continue, the country has fallen off the world stage, its victims forgotten. Despite this, we remain steadfast in our commitment to the Sudanese people, and to a Sudan that is at peace.

Sudanese eventually arrive in the UK deeply traumatised and unable to move forward. For 10 years we have provided direct, holistic support that produces lasting change for individuals and families, creating enduring and sustainable improvements in their circumstances, and the ability to become fully integrated and flourishing UK citizens. Our charitable arm, Article 1, allows us to continue this vital work. Please consider helping us.

You can find out more at http://wagingpeace.info/

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