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Vasa Praevia

The UK registered charity was set up because every year in the UK, this obstetric condition will affect approximately 555 pregnancies (more than one per day).

In the main these cases will go undiagnosed until birth and sadly, likely to result in the death of an otherwise healthy baby.

However, this need not happen. If the condition is diagnosed, antenatally by ultrasound, the survival rate is 100%. Antenatal diagnosis and awareness of this condition is key to avoid these unnecessary deaths and trying to save little lives.


1) To raise awareness about vasa praevia; the condition, risk factors, warning signs, diagnosis and treatment.

2) To bring about the introduction of clinical protocols in the UK for the diagnosis and treatment of vasa praevia.

3) To provide support and assistance to those who have experienced or those who are experiencing vasa praevia.

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