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Unique’s aim is to inform, support and alleviate the isolation of anyone affected by a rare chromosome disorder and to raise public awareness.Unique is a registered charity – charity registration no. 1110661.

Having a child with a rare chromosome disorder can be a huge shock and can stir up a whole range of emotions and a great desire to learn more about your child’s disorder. Just talking to other parents with a child with a rare chromosome disorder can be a great relief and can help to alleviate feelings of isolation and “why me?”

We have developed a network of local groups, both face to face and virtual, and local contacts throughout the UK and across many parts of the world. We have a wide choice of social networking facilities, from public, private and Local to You Facebook groups to Twitter and YouTube, as well as a regular e-news alert for anyone to sign up to.

Families affected by any rare chromosome disorder can often come together locally for general support and friendship, to pass on information about services available in their neighbourhood and to organise events to raise awareness of and funds to support the work of Unique.

We publish a regular magazine in which families can write about their experiences and exchange useful information. We try to pack the magazine with lots of information and news helpful to our families. We also produce family-friendly information guides and articles about rare chromosome disorders and a whole host of other relevant topics.

Find out more at https://www.rarechromo.org/

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