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The Harlequins Foundation

The Harlequins Foundation was set up in 2015 as an independent charity (1161838). Our vision is creating ‘A Brighter Future for The Next Generation’. Our aim is to combine the power of sport with the unique spirit, expertise and experience of Harlequins to create opportunities for young people within our local communities and, as we grow, beyond.

We are a small team, at a relatively early stage in our journey. That said, we recognise the scale of the opportunity in front of us. Our ambition and commitment is ensuring that the intentions we have built are already becoming a reality, and our impact is growing.

The Harlequins Foundation is wholly committed to using Rugby and the Harlequins Sprit to build brighter futures, but we can only achieve this with the support of public and corporate sponsors who allow us to develop, deliver and grow – allowing us to have the positive impact we are committed to achieving.

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