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We work tirelessly to help communities around the world escape the very worst effects of poverty and disaster.

And we believe that the same people facing these troubles, also have the best idea as to how they can overcome them. Tearfund listens: helping people to rise out of their poverty, utilising their resourcefulness and determination. Tearfund works alongside local churches and other locally-based organisations to help realise these plans for a better future.

“Before, you knew us for our droughts, our poverty. But now the poor are transforming this country, and poverty shall no longer be our name.” – Meseret Kumsa, a Tearfund self-help group member, Ethiopia

Tearfund are signatories to the Red Cross Code of Conduct and are certified against the Core Humanitarian Standard.

Together we can end extreme poverty. What part will you play?

Find out more at https://www.tearfund.org/

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