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St. Catherine’s Hospice

St Catherine’s Hospice is the only adult hospice serving the communities of Chorley, Longridge, Preston and South Ribble. We look after patients at home, in the community and at the hospice through a broad range of services.

Whilst many of our patients have cancer, we care for people with all kinds of life-shortening illnesses, including heart failure, motor neurone disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Although many people have contact with us near to the end of their lives, we also provide treatment, care and support to patients and families over an extended period. Around 50 per cent of people who are admitted to our in-patient unit return home again once their condition is better managed.

Our Vision

We want everyone in Central Lancashire facing life-shortening illness to experience a good quality of life and, when the time comes, comfort and dignity in death.  This means that care, support and information needs to be available when and where it matters most for each person and those important to them.  Where desirable, we want to enable living and dying well at home.

We believe that this can be achieved by organisations working together locally and where people, families, friends and neighbours have the opportunity and resources to help themselves and each other. We will continue to work hard with local communities, the NHS, charities, businesses, organisations and Hospice UK to fulfil this vision.

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