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PsyCare UK

PsyCare UK is a charity that provides welfare and harm reduction services at festivals. We focus on supporting people through difficult drug related experiences, specialising in challenging psychedelic experiences. Patients presenting with severe “bad trips” may be misdiagnosed or medicated by traditional providers when a calming atmosphere and empathetic caregivers is often all that is required to allow them to make a full recovery. In this way we regularly succeed in turning difficult experiences into learning experiences without the need for conventional medical treatment.

We work alongside security, medics and festival organisers to ensure that festival goers having challenging experiences receive the help they need. In the absence of such a service, many people are detained or hospitalised unnecessarily. This can be very traumatising and even lead to long term mental health issues.

We have been operating for 10 years and are constantly expanding. As a charity we rely on donations from our supporters to operate and My Cause is one of our biggest supporters. We really appreciate your help.

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