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Project Trust

Project Trust empowers young people to be confident, effective, creative, independent and resilient through a challenging volunteering experience overseas. Acting as responsible global citizens Volunteers make a positive difference to their overseas host communities and share their learning and understanding when they return home. Our volunteering experience is open to all young people with the desire, motivation and aptitudes required to succeed.

Project Trust has been organising long term voluntary placements in Africa, Asia and Latin America for young people since 1967, making us the most experienced educational charity specialising in overseas volunteering for school-leavers.

Education lies at the heart of Project Trust’s work, we are an education charity.

While formal education provides knowledge and understanding of a range of different subjects, it can often fall short on personal development and growth in the pursuit of exam results.

Project Trust’s approach to education is that a challenging long term volunteering placement overseas allows the young person to develop and grow in a more holistic manner. Their knowledge and understanding of the wider world will grow, whilst they learn about themselves and develop a range of skills.

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