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Hugs From Henry

Hugs from Henry was set up by the Hallam family after their son Henry was diagnosed with cancer at just 3 years old. The cancer Henry was diagnosed with is called Neuroblastoma, a nervous system cancer which spreads rapidly and is difficult to treat.

The family were given a poor prognosis and treatment would be long and in the children’s cancer treatment centre in Bristol. The family from Plymouth ended up in Bristol for 16 months while Henry went through gruelling and intense treatment.

Many families that they met on their journey came and went home within weeks and the Hallam family stayed the whole 16months focusing day by day on getting Henry home. In the 16 months of treatment the family grew to know many families who’s children were cruelly taken by neuroblastoma and often questioned if Henry would be next.

The family vowed that they would make a difference to other families on this long and hard journey…. 

Hugs from Henry was born!

The main priorities for the charity are to provide emotional support to families, so no one feels they are battling alone. 

To provide financial support so that families can either pay their bills or pay towards a holiday/treats, giving families a chance to make memories… memories that many families will treasure a lifetime as their precious children are taken far too soon.

To support research into childhood cancer, Neuroblastoma so that one day better more effective treatments can be found and one day to find a cure. 

 Hugs from Henry also provide local group events such as the childrens cancer ball for families to have night off together, away from the hospital setting. The event is a massive success and the hope is for it to grow every year so more families in the Devon and Cornwall area can attend and spend time together. 

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