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Horatio’s Garden

Horatio’s Garden Art Fair from James Cameron on Vimeo.

A spinal injury is something that can happen to anyone at any time.

Horatio’s Garden is a charity that supports everyone affected by spinal injury through creating and nurturing beautiful garden spaces in NHS spinal injury centres.

Patients adjusting to life with a spinal injury often spend many months in hospital away from their homes and loved ones. By volunteering with us this festival season, you’ll be helping Horatio’s Garden offer a warm, welcoming, supportive environment to everyone facing incredibly difficult times.

To date we have opened a Horatio’s Garden in Salisbury, Glasgow, Stoke Mandeville and Oswestry, whilst fundraising continues for two new projects in London and Cardiff. In time, we plan to plant hope at each of the 11 NHS spinal injury centres across the UK.

To find out more about what we do and why we do it, please visit https://www.horatiosgarden.org.uk/

Why not volunteer to support Horatio’s Garden at festivals?



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