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Whoever they are, wherever they are born, every child deserves an equal opportunity. are here to make that happen. work in the most difficult places in the world to grow up. We remove whatever barriers prevent children from getting the most out of life. Sometimes we provide a nutritious meal so they can attend and get the most out of school. Sometimes we provide access to clean water or health services. Sometimes we’ll deliver all, or a combination of those things. We believe in collecting intelligence and creating solutions that can be tailored to a child’s specific situation. We do what works. is about thinking long-term and solving problems for good. We don’t just pay to  hand out food – we work with schools to help them start their own gardens. We don’t just deliver truckloads of mosquito nets, we help the school management to source nets from local government and start a school health club that teaches children and staff how to stay healthy.

If you want to work towards a better world, we want you on our side.

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