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All Hands And Hearts

Imagine having months off from work because you are so ill, so struck by fatigue and pain, that you are no longer able to tell the time when you look at the face of a clock. Imagine you can no longer read even the shortest paragraph because your power of concentration is reduced to zero.

That is the experience of many thousands of people with the chronic neurological condition myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E).

There is currently no cure for M.E., no proven treatment and a severe lack of support for those affected. This is the reality Action for M.E. is working to change.

Often, the people who reach out to us have said we were there when nobody else was. To find out more about M.E. and our work visit

By the end of Festival Season 2017, our Hi-Vis Heroes had raised more than £100 for All Hands and Hearts

Why not support All Hands and Hearts at festivals in 2018


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