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Plan Your Summer Of Festivals

Are you ready for an epic summer of festivals?

Make sure you’ve completed the steps below, and join us as we #PartyWithPurpose this summer!

Step 1: Create or Update your PAAM Profile

We need a fully completed profile to accept your application so please check all your information is up to date and accurate!

Step 2: Choose your charity

Simply add the name & registered charity number of your chosen cause in your application, you can find the charity number at the bottom of your chosen charity’s website homepage.

Remember, the charity you support is up to you!

Here’s a list of charities you could choose from if you don’t know who to nominate!

Think about which charities have had a significant impact on yourself or someone close to you, or which charity missions really inspire you…Giving time for something close to your heart makes the whole experience much more powerful!

We’ve got 25+ different festivals dates for you to add to your calendar this year, so check out when you’re available and which festivals you’re vibing.

You can also apply to volunteer with your friends so let them know and bring your dream team along!

You only need to pay one deposit to cover as many festivals as you like, so don’t let your bank account limit your summer plans!


Step 4: 1x refundable deposit

Your deposit is the price of the most expensive festival you want to volunteer at, but this will cover all the other festivals too!

For example, if you volunteer at Love Saves The Day (£50 deposit), Noisily (£175 deposit) and Boomtown (£280 deposit) you will only pay one deposit of £280.

We need deposits so we can ensure our volunteers don’t apply simply for free entry to festivals, and then drop out of their shifts. It’s important so we can provide a reliable service to festivals, ensure donations to charities, and create non-stressful experience for our awesome, committed volunteers (who make up the vast majority!).

As long as you complete all your shifts – your deposit will be returned within one month after your last festival, minus a 6% admin fee as explained in our T’s & C’s. 

Step 5: Have a wicked festival experience

We’ll keep you updated on all the info you need ahead of your festivals via email, and then see you in the sun on the festival field!




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