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First Time Festival Volunteer?

First Time Festival Volunteer?

Are you considering festival volunteering for the first time?

Keen to learn a bit more about who My Cause UK are, and why we want YOU to join us this summer? 

Well, if so, here’s the low-down on everything you need to know!

The Mission

A brief bit of history for you…

My Cause UK was founded by in 2015, with the vision to create an inclusive festival community solely focused on creating a positive impact to the world we live in. 

Sounds too good to be true, right?

Here’s how we’re doing it…

By bringing together a loving festival family who give their time to raise money for the causes they believe in, and to get free access to the best UK festivals!

Why we believe in volunteering

Volunteering isn’t just an opportunity to support incredible charities doing incredible work…It’s also about strengthening the mind, body, and soul. 

Volunteering gives us a chance to break away from the stress of everyday life, to work towards something we’re passionate about, to connect with the people around us, and to try something new and exciting!

Research shows that volunteering is tightly linked to improved wellbeing, increased life satisfaction, a heightened sense of self esteem, reduced depression and anxiety. It’s great for those looking to up-skill, improve their CV, build quality life experience and experience adventure along the way as well.

Volunteering opens gateways to meeting new people, sharing rich life-experiences, and most importantly, learning more about yourself.

All of these are great ways to improve your wellbeing and, most importantly, sense of perspective.

5 years of festival fun

Over the past 5 years, My Cause UK have taken over 5,000 volunteers, to over 100 festivals. All whilst raising over £150,000 for over 750+ charities chosen by our volunteer community.

We’ve been working to return our thanks by providing unforgettable and fully-immersed festival experiences to our volunteers; meaning no unsafe roles, shifts that allow you the maximum time to enjoy the music with your friends, freedom to dress up and bring your beautiful personality to shifts, and a lot of loving people ready to welcome you to the family!

“There’s no better way to spend our summer, than in a festival field with the My Cause UK family! It’s such an unforgettable experience and we have met friends for life, not to mention, raised close to £500 for our chosen charities!”

~ Marcus & Lizzie, My Cause UK Festival Volunteers 2019 ~

Here and now…

This year we need your help to take a giant leap forwards in raising more money than ever before, for the charities that volunteers have chosen to give their time in support of.

Together we can stand stronger, & together we can have our voices heard!

Join our festival family & #PartyWithPurpose this summer!


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