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Leukaemia CARE

Leukaemia CARE provides vital support to patients and their families following a diagnosis, during treatment, and beyond. These services, although national, feed directly into local communities. Our mission is to continue to support patients and their families, and all donations assist in providing services such as our 24-hour Help Line, support groups, patient and carer conferences, the provision of information and booklets, buddy one to one support, online forum, quarterly magazine and hospital support workers.

We are also committed to supporting the training of GPs; raising awareness of blood cancer symptoms to boost earlier diagnosis through our online e-learning tool in partnership with the Royal College of General Practitioners.  Our annual nurse conferences and nurse bursaries help specialist nurses to enhance their skills and support for blood cancer patients and their carers.

By the end of Festival Season 2017, our Hi-Vis Heroes had raised more than £280 for Leukaemia CARE. 

Why not support Leukaemia CARE at festivals in 2018


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